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Owen McCourt - Contract Employee's of the Year


Owen McCourt Re-entry Care Coordinator

Heartland RADAC

Owen McCourt

Owen is a Heartland RADAC employee who has proven to be a valuable asset to Offenders releasing to the Topeka area. He works in the community as well as in Lansing Correctional Facility and Topeka Correctional Facility to find resources and supports for their substance abuse issues. Owen completes substance abuse assessments before they are released from prison and follows up with getting them into treatment once they are in the community. He provides a compressive assessment for incarcerated clients, and monitors the clinical substance abuse needs to those preparing to be released to the community. Owen comes to the Topeka Parole Office every week to conduct a RADAC support group along with Topeka Parole Officers that have offenders that are struggling with their sobriety. Owen provides information about substance abuse as well as providing collateral resources such as sponsors, recovery coaches, mentors, support groups, case management, and mental health services. Owen lets the offenders know that he is there to help and assist them to work towards their recovery. Owen meets offenders where they are in their recovery process; he helps refer them to the level of treatment the offenders are willing participate in when they are ready, making good and appropriate use of resources. Owen always has a positive attitude and maintains a professional demeanor when working with the offenders and truly believes that the offenders can change their lives once they learn to live a “life of recovery”.