Clinical Staff

As a licensed substance abuse treatment facility, clinical staff of Heartland RADAC are required to maintain the credentialing requirements determined by the State of Kansas. In addition, many of the clinical staff maintain clinical licenses in their area of study, above and beyond, what is required to work in the substance abuse field, including LSCSW, LMSW, LMFT, LPC, etc.

Staff are available for you to contact at the direct office numbers listed below. If they don't answer, please feel free to leave a message, they are most likely assisting a client.

Information can also be faxed to the administrative office at 913-789-0954 and it will be forwarded digitally to the appropriate staff member. Please be assured that anything including protected health information will be encrypted in order to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Clinical Staff Position Direct Phone Number E-Mail

Tony Anderson Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622
Traci Babcock Substance Abuse Specialist 785-832-3899
Maegan Ballew Solutions Recovery Care Coordinator 785-380-7421
Sheila Barnard Solutions Recovery Care Coordinator 913-214-9544
Stephanie Becraft DUI Recovery Care Coordinator 913-890-3134
Sue Bennett Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622
Donna Bounds Recovery Coach - CABHI 913-789-0951
Sandi Brooks SAP Instructor 785-559-5024
Wendy Carr Substance Abuse Specialist 913-717-0230
Ron Coffey Recovery Support Specialist - PRN 913-956-5622
Kristine Colin Recovery Coach 913-276-0504
Michael Colin Substance Abuse Treatment Specialist 913-871-9629
Stacey Cooper Supervisor - ICM/Clinical Coordinator 913-725-0449
Heidi Darrow Recovery Coach 913-274-9772
Nancy Fabiano Supervisor - DUI Recovery Care Coordinators 913-608-7721
Rayna Flax Supervisor - SRCC 785-432-1540
Cathy Francisco Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622
Molly Glenn Intensive Case Manager 913-717-8027
Wonder Golden Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622
Ian Green Intensive Case Manager 913-735-5788
Suzie Grennan DUI Care Coordinator 620-450-6557
Jason Hess Executive Director 913-789-6404
Michael Hill Recovery Support Specialist - PRN 913-956-5622
Ben Holloway Supervisor - Re-Entry Programs 785-741-3715
John Honneycutt Recovery Coach 913-789-0951
Christy Huber SAP Instructor 913-789-0951
Cody Hunter Substance Abuse Specialist - TCF 785-559-5174
Mark Ireland Substance Abuse Specialist 785-296-0836
Mary Jackson Intensive Case Manager 785-371-2782
Sara Jackson Director of Assessment & Treatment Services 913-789-7152
Rosa Jimerson Substance Abuse Specialist 785-762-5445 x 260
Deidra Johannes Solutions Recovery Care Coordinator 785-826-8000 x 301
Tamme Johnson SAP Instructor 785-877-6735
Terrel Johnson Intensive Case Manager-Rainbow 913-231-6252
Debra Klekacz Supervisor - Recovery Coach/SCCC Coordinator 913-827-1708
Kristen Koob Care Coordinator – Shawnee County Community Corrections 785-251-7831
Sara Larson Substance Abuse Specialist 913-826-7341
Ashley Lee Solutions Recovery Care Coordinator 620-805-2251
Derick Letman Recovery Support Specialist 913-915-3251
Karlie Madison Substance Abuse Specialist 913-274-1049
Korena Martin DUI Care Coordinator 620-504-9597
Owen McCourt Re-Entry Care Coordinator 785-368-6229
Sharon McCourt-Ostrowski Recovery Coach 785-380-7927
Tricia McCourt Intensive Case Manager-GOALS 785-380-9501
Corey McGee Recovery Coach 785-251-8498
Jordan Mercer Substance Abuse Treatment Specialist 785-559-5175
Chelle Millan SAP Instructor 785-877-6735
Cindy Miller SAP Instructor 913-727-3235 x 57250
Dustin Miller Substance Abuse Specialist 913-274-1035
Naomi Morgan Recovery Coach 785-4149079
Matt Oakley SAP Instructor 913-727-3235 x 57253
Ashley O'Neal Supervisor - Rainbow Outreach Specialist 913-956-5622
Karen Owen CABHI Screener - ICM 913-789-0951
Stephanie Perazzola Recovery Coach 913-725-0830
Lynnet Proctor Substance Abuse Specialist 785-628-1066 x 236
Andrea Reed SAP Instructor 785 472-6251
John Robertson Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622
Nehemiah Rosell CABHI Intensive Case Manager 913-428-9801
Somer Schmitt Substance Abuse Specialist 913-274-1063
Pauline Shadden Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622
Elliott Smith SAP Care Coordinator 913-228-0772
Kendra Smith Intensive Case Manager 785-422-5169
Ally Switzer Substance Abuse Specialist 785-296-8725
Robyn Thorne SAP Instructor 785-559-5024
Beth Walsh Solutions Recovery Care Coordinator 913-390-3311
Audra Watson Solutions Recovery Care Coordinator 785-534-2454
Trish Wick Substance Abuse Specialist 785-368-6250
Cole Winckler Recovery Coach 785-817-6342
Jeanie Witt Intensive Case Manager 785-623-7794
Marci Whitley DUI Care Coordinator 913-764-3971
Lorrie Williams-Smoot DUI Care Coordinator 785-251-8441
Chris Woodward Substance Abuse Specialist 913-826-7393
Melanie Yoder Solutions Recovery Care Coordinator 785-832-3759
Stephen Young Recovery Coach 913-789-0951